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outstanding cheese cellars

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Traces of the cheese production industry can be found in Poligny from as far back as 1264, but the cheese making tradition goes back even further in this agricultural region. This is where the Arnaud family's independent cheese dairy has prospered for a whole century. With the cooperation of 400 livestock farmers and milk producers, 200,000 rounds of cheese are maturing today in ten kilometers of cellars.

Juraflore today An anthology of awards

outstanding cheese cellars

The Fort des Rousses was converted into cheese maturing cellars in 1997. With more than 50,000 m2 of vaulted rooms, miles of underground tunnels and a large inner courtyard, the Fort was designed to accommodate 3,500 soldiers and is now an exceptionally impressive monument. At the heart of the Haut Jura Nature Park, 1150 m above sea level, this fort accommodates over 100,000 rounds of Comté cheese in exceptional maturing conditions.

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An anthology of awards

This string of awards made the reputation of Fromageries Arnaud: More than 200 gold, silver and bronze medals have already been awarded at the Paris Agricultural Fair for Arnaud's exceptional Comté, Morbier and Mont d'Or cheeses. This is a legendary record in the land of the Comté.

An anthology of awards

Juraflore abroad

More than twenty countries around the world bring Juraflore Comté cheese to their dining tables. As a result, the regional flavours of the Jura take part in some unexpected combinations of tastes. All round the world, lovers of authenticity celebrate the marriage of their faraway gastronomic traditions, brought together by the shared values ​​of quality and generosity.